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Part 1:The 90 days notice period- Is it helping or hurting the Indian IT industry?

The notice period has always entailed a clash of interest between employers and employees. Whether the duration should be long or short, is a debate that never ceases to end. 

Employees often feel that notice periods as long as 90 days may hamper their competitiveness in the employment market. Employers favor such conditions citing reasons of a lengthy hiring cycle to recruit the right kind of talent. Reaching a consensus in such a scenario is rather difficult. 


The standard notice period for American organizations is 15 days, whereas many Indian companies have adopted the maximum permissible legal limit of 90 days. What started as a ‘quick fix’ by the Indian companies who wanted to protect their interests at crucial junctures of ongoing projects, now seems to be an inflexible norm. Paradoxically, the same organizations demand immediate joiners (within 30 days). That's a different story altogether. 


As they say, every action necessitates a reaction.

Stay tuned, as I continue to share my analysis on the implications of the 90-days notice period. 

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