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Part 2: The 90-Days Notice Period- The Reaction


During the notice period, employees shop for better alternatives and may end up confused with options. This impedes their decision and raises questions on their ethics. Some feel stuck in their organizations, while others start believing in their bloated valuation rather than working towards building their true worth.


Are experiencing frequent no-shows and are hesitant to make offers to candidates who are yet to serve the 90-days notice. They are attracted to those who are already serving their notice.

The entire system is driven by a sense of insecurity. Workarounds being-

- A belief that resources are scarce and need to be grabbed at all costs, kicking off a bidding war for early joiners. The final offer reflects the organization's desperation, rather than the skills of the candidates. 

- Failing to hire at the right time, relatively inexperienced people get promoted with disproportionate remuneration.

- The final resort is the bench, originally meant for other reasons, is becoming an insurance for this scarcity, resulting in higher costs to maintain the bench.

Stay tuned as I wrap up my analysis with feasible solutions.

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