How To Set Up An IT Offshore Unit In India.

We liaise with the relevant government departments and other authorities to help you set up your offshore IT development unit in India
India has a well-defined framework to help companies set up offshore IT Development units in India.
Companies can set up wholly owned subsidiaries / can form a collaboration with a local unit
Various state governments do offer incentives and encourage foreign companies to invest and set up operations in India.
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The Aumni Techworks Advantage

What can we do for you?

We specialize as the one stop solution provider for any IT firm in the world, that seeks to set up an Offshore IT development unit in India. We take over the entire responsibility of:

Registering the firm

Overseeing and supervising the performance of the team.

Setting up the financial accounts.

Implementing best practices for managing offshore teams

Configuring the infrastructure at the Aumni Tech Park.

Handling their payroll and other HR needs.

Pre-screening candidates and lining up interviews for selection.

With Aumni Techworks by your side, incubating your exclusive IT development center in India is easy.

The Aumni Techworks Infrastructure.

We offer infrastructure, ambience and facilities at par with the world

Aumni Techworks is based out of Pune, the second biggest IT centre in India after Bangalore.

Predominant IT majors have big setups in Pune. Pune is a 3+ hour drive from Mumbai or 2+ hour flight from Dubai/Delhi).

With an extendable 25,000 square feet of floor space, we already have our team working away in well equipped workstations supported by a high speed internet (100 Mbps).

Following an international Open Office System, the office also has a well stocked cafeteria and recreational facilities like a foosball table, a Ping Pong table and monkey bars as well!

We provide a ready ecosystem of 200+ employees where our employees feel like they are part of a bigger / diverse organization.

We offer infrastructure, ambience and facilities at par with the world, to your human assets.

The Aumni Techwork Models Options to choose from.

Aumni Techworks offers you the best of means, infrastructure and the support to ensure that your exclusive IT development centre in India, makes a difference to your global operations and company valuations.

The Works

We create your fully owned subsidiary and operate it
  • Recommended for companies that have global presence
  • Takes 8 weeks to kickstart

Quick Start

We build your team under our payroll with an option to create a fully owned subsidiary at a later stage
  • Recommended for companies that are new to off-shoring
  • Takes 4-6 weeks to kickstart
In Both Options, We Will Be Open To Transfer The Development Unit To You.

Companies In The Aumni Techpark Campus

Work Culture

Focused & Dynamic
Work hard, Play harder
Happy teams
Highly Collaborative
Promotes Healthy living